Fitting, Drilling, & Plugging

Proper fit can help prevent serious injuries as well as blisters, cuts, and callouses. Determining the best span, pitch, finger and thumb hole sizes requires years of industry knowledge and experience.

Our expertise and service sets us apart. We stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving techniques for hand fitting.

  • We use a ball simulator to personalize the fit before drilling
  • We optimize hook potential by using the dual angle layout system
  • We plug using only the best available resin material
  • We can install Turbo switch grips and Vise ITs
Turbo Grips
Vise ITS


$30 - $50

Custom Fitting on all hands

Dual Angle Layout System

$30 Plastic

$50 Performance


$25 - $50

Ebonite Everclear Material

$25 for Thumb Only

$25 for Fingers Only

$50 for Both


$10 - $15

Multiple Colors Available

Finger Grips:

$10 for set or $5 each

Thumb: $12

Slug: $15

Vise ITS


Interchangeable Inserts

Slug or sleeve available

Eliminates variation between thumbholes

Threaded locking mechanism

Turbo Grips


Interchangeable Inserts

Slug or sleeve available

Eliminates variation between thumbholes

Two tab locking mechanism

Resurfacing, Polishing, & Cleaning

We highly recommend using a pro shop for all of your resurfacing, polishing, and cleaning needs. Our state of the art machinery allows for even application, the right amount of friction, and an ideal speed that give you the best results every time.

Having your ball resurfaced professionally means consistent and precise results that support shot repeatability. Our Ebonite resurfacing machine with three Abralon pads works your entire ball at once. From 180 to 4000 grit, we remove scratches, gouges, and ball track, bringing your equipment back to factory finish. Our dual speed ball spinner can help you achieve an optimal polished surface.

Is your ball losing momentum? Extract oil and deep clean with the only Ebonite PowerHouse Wave Machine in Orlando! This two hour process uses water heated to a consistent temperature that safely sweats the oil out of the ball without cracking.

Want to make your ball like new again?

We recommend resurfacing & deep cleaning together. Resurfacing takes care of the outer layer of the ball. The Wave machine penetrates the cover stock, pulling oil out of the microscopic crevices for a truly deep cleaning. Save $10 when purchased at the same time!



Resurface & Deep Clean


Wave Machine Oil Extraction


Works best together



Ebonite Tripod Resurfacing Machine

180 grit to 4000 grit

More consistent than sanding by hand

Oil Extraction


Recommended annually, prior to winter league season

Ebonite Powerhouse Wave Machine Penetrates Coverstock

2 hour minimum process

Clean, Polish, & Sanding


Recommended every 20 games

Dual Speed Ball Spinner

Creates more friction than possible with cleaning by hand

The Best Way to Drill a Ball

Watch this USBC produced video to learn more about all of the steps that we take in our drilling process.

Want your name on your bowling ball?

We do engravings! The cost is $5 for up to 7 letters.

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